EvoFrame offers the opportunity to substantially improve the provision of housing across the country.

Designed for Living & Optimised for Production, EvoFrameoffers an all-encompassing solution that has left no stone unturned and provides a deliverable modular system with no future restrictions ensuring long-term business sustainability ...

Why EvoFrame? EvoFrame is a modular designed, self-supporting, structurally strong timber frame building solution. It a process of supplying factory built houses to site without size restrictions, able to be transported on standard flatbed trucks and trailers at any time of the day or night - without 'abnormal' or 'wide load' restrictions.

Factory Made : From factory to site in as few processes as possible. Individual components manufactured in a factory and brought together and joined into larger elements ready for module assembly.

Built in Strength : Each individual EvoFrame module is exceptionally strong and once mechanically fixed together, the combined strength of the installed building is very high in consideration of today's worsening weather and potential seismic conditions. EvoFrame is synonymous to a Faraday cage, providing a strong and secure Safety Zone in the event of external effects.

Logistics : Every EvoFrame module is designed around sizes which ensure ease of delivery on standard trucks or light-duty trailers to any residential site.

Health & Safety : EvoFrame is a 'Clean & Safe' environment for men and women to work on a warm and dry production line, delivering high and accurate output.

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Modular Synergy

Smart Thinking

Factory Manufactured - Production controlled Industrial Design Quality

Beyond 'usual' factory made buildings, EvoFrame takes off-site construction to a new level and allows a deliverable system without complications. Simple and straightforward, it has been designed to be made without expensive factory machines or skilled labour, relying on assembly operatives working in controlled environments.

Eliminating the need for skilled-labour, EvoFrame manufacture relies on assembly trained operatives. Every component is CAD designed and manufactured for direct fitment. The use of pre-manufactured components, fittings, finishes, wiring- harnesses and plumbing systems allows for un-skilled installation.

Engineered to fit together vertically and horizontally, using a Unique Patented Design, they allow for superior volumetric living space.

Deliverable Efficiency

Fast Track Housing - A streamlined way of delivering houses to the market

Able to be transported on standard flatbed trucks and trailers at any time of the day or night, 'without 'abnormal' or 'wide load' restrictions - a Streamlined way of delivering houses to the housing market with efficiency and fast development turnaround.

From concept to finished product, EvoFrame has gone through an enormous process of optimising every avenue in providing a realistic solution to off-site construction. From drawingboard to site, and all of the lateral considerations effecting that path, the final result is one that can be easily controlled through its full evolution.

EvoFrame has been designed using state-of-the-art materials to ensure it meets the new demands in environmental issues and building regulations efficiency.

Designed for Living : Optimised for Production

Designed for The Future of Living, an EvoFrame House provides not only a well-engineered safety cell to cope with all the rigours of life, it also opens up free-space living for future needs. A finished EvoFrame House is indistinguishable from a traditionally built house.

Optimised Detail Design ensures production efficiency. Factory CNC machined components, designed with zero-tolerance, enables us to control the manufacturing process from the very start. Factory precision engineering ensures the core EvoFrame structure provides the perfect basis for assembly. Each wall, floor or ceiling panel is produced using the same philosophy, ensuring perfect fitment into the EvoFrame. Every fitting and finish, from floor boards, wall panels, timber trims to kitchens and bathrooms, are all pre-manufactured and ready for assembly into the EvoFrame modules.

EvoFrame Houses can be manufactured during the Planning Process, along with pre-installed site utilities and landscaping. This means that once Planning Approval is achieved, the EvoFrame House can be delivered and installed on site for almost immediate occupation. This process can speed up occupation and development turnarounds by up to 24 weeks on a typical house.